Making history everyday — two astonishing women dealing with an unbelievable story.

Adell Forbes and Gloria Neal are the equivalent of two historic universes that have gently collided with each other for the greater good.

Tomari Jackson and his mother, Adell Forbes

Adell is the courageous mother of Tomari Jackson. Tomari lost his life after he drowned during a class field trip in Belize in Feb of 2016. If his drowning wasn’t tragic enough, the fact that Tomari videotaped his own drowning makes it even more tragic. Compounding the tragedy is, up until this point, no one had given Adell any “real” answers as to what happened to her son.  But Adell says, “Tomari is speaking for himself now. He doesn’t need anyone to tell me what happened. He’s showing me and the world what happened.” It wasn’t until recently that Adell found out about the recording. Now Adell is on a mission to make her “mess” her “message.” She wants to prevent any other mother, father, sister or brother from ever having to live through this gut-wrenching heartache.

Gloria Neal

Adell believes that out of tragedy comes triumph. She has enlisted the compassionate story telling skills and heartfelt reporting of journalist Gloria Neal for this exclusive online interview. The pairing is historic for several reasons—it’s an exclusive social media coup that is unlike most pairings; It’s uncommon that a lead tv anchor is sought-out to present an exclusive one-on-one interview prior to it airing on network news.  Adell says of Gloria, “She has a way of talking to you and asking you questions that makes you feel like you’ve snuggled into your favorite easy chair . . . like you’re only talking to her.”

Just two Black women making history; telling the world a story that will certainly pull at your heartstrings. Listen to the story on Gloria’s Facebook page or pull the story up on my personal Facebook page.



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