IHome page photo 2015 thumbs up 2015) trust and pray that this site will provide facts and knowledge about the many Black men and women who gave so much of themselves to make the world they saw and lived in a better place for others.  I want to tell the stories that I know about, and the stories that I heard about, so that my children’s children will know and understand what is truly meant by the term “no man or woman is an island”—especially in Atlanta.

I see a generation of our people, sometimes a very successful generation I might add, that does not appear to appreciate, or understand, this legacy they have inherited?  In some instances, this new generation seems to deny the legacy – even to be ashamed of it.  We have not done a good job of telling our story to our children.  I want to scream out – “we are a special people who gave so much, so you could be so much.  Get our story right, and tell it right, and be proud of your heritage.”



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